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Linux Webcam


Live Image

  1. motion saves image every 15 seconds to /var/www/webcam/lastsnap.jpg
  2. after that on_picture_save command from motion.conf runs webcam-cleanup.sh
  3. this script copys lastsnap.jpg to live.jpg, writes a timestamp to /var/www/webcam/lastsnap.txt and sets the rights so the webserver can access live.jpg
  4. index.html displays the live.jpg on load and every 15 seconds the lastsnap.txt is fechted via ajax. If this timestamp changed, the life.jpg is reloaded with cache breaker


  1. crontab runs webcam-archiv.sh every 15 minutes from 5 to 21 o'Clock
  2. it copys the live.jpg to the archiv/<current-timestamp>.jpg

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