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Linux Webcam


Live Image

  1. motion saves image every 15 seconds to /var/www/webcam/lastsnap.jpg
  2. after that on_picture_save command from motion.conf runs webcam-cleanup.sh
  3. this script copies lastsnap.jpg to live.jpg, writes a timestamp to /var/www/webcam/lastsnap.txt and sets the rights so the webserver can access live.jpg
  4. index.html displays the live.jpg and load and every 5 seconds the lastsnap.txt is fetched via ajax. If this timestamp changed, the life.jpg is reloaded with cache breaker


  1. crontab runs webcam-archiv.sh every 15 minutes from 5 to 21 o'Clock
  2. it copys the live.jpg to the archiv/<current-timestamp>.jpg

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